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Scott Mountain By The Brook

Your Best Home Apartment In Portland

Live and Work at the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room

Step inside the living room of any Scott Mountain apartment and stand in awe as you experience the sophistication and grace of the liberal space that combines with the light color of the walls and the rich appointments of the dark sofa chair and the brown wood tables.

The Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room is highly competitive in terms of interior design, décor, color, functionality and livability. The living room can become an extension of your office while you’re on travel. You can chat with a business associate near the warm light of the corner lamp.

The interior design of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room expresses an ambience of nature in modern urban living as expressed in the rich combinations of colors and forms of furniture and fixtures, combined with a grand presentation of space that eliminates monotony through an immense architectural design and depth.

You can invite guests to come over to your apartment and discuss matters inside the living room. It’s a welcome treat for them. The space of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room is expanded by a “hallway” towards the dining room and the kitchen. There’s actually more living space than a hotel room in a Scott Mountain apartment.

An artwork installed on the walls of the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room, along with a chic framed mirror on the opposite wall, and a table set with decors, illumined by a soft yellow lighting and a live plant by the corner breaks the monotony of design, and inspires livability

You get a high vertical space up in your living room, as in all the other rooms, which gives you a feeling of relief and comfort.

A small office, with a chair and table and a table lamp on it, and two framed artworks in front of you where you can scribble your notes, or simply place your laptop is right next to the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room. Everything that you need in an office is here. All the amenities for generating comfort are here.

Your furry friends would love to keep themselves cozy by hugging the warm carpet of the living room as Scott Mountain apartment is a pet-friendly community.

Children can play in the living room, or watch a favorite TV program, or simply move around. The space is large enough. Enjoy your stay at the Scott Mountain by the Brook Living Room. You can visit site http://www.scottmountainbythebrook.com/

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